Associate Director of Music Department


In 1997, She started her music journey in the ZYDECO Dance performance Genre, which catered to the Louisiana styled music which led her  to become a member of the Prairieview University trailrider association whereas she assisted in promoting of HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO CONCERT roster committee and the Brunos Triangle 7

 Rodeo and trailride shows and annual zydeco music productions. She performed in shows with Zydeco musician's such as J.Paul Jr. And the zydeco nu breeds, Nooney and the ZYDECO Floaters, Beau Jocque, and many other great from the Louisiana/ZYDECO music Genre.

In 2009, She branched out and started a management, promotional and production company whereas, she has worked with legendary Rue Davis, Jabo PRINCE of zydeco, Robert Coudrey, Jeter Jones ,Keri Carter and many more great artist covering the Northern and Southern part of the U.S. She promoted in the  Music industry for 13 years. In 2016, Sugarbabee management and production company went Global and being Recognized by Music Clout as one of their top A&R recruiters with signing artist to the label in Ghana, Africa artist DNUTRA FREEBORN a musical legend in his country. Brenda, has fought against  mental illness, and hunger also becoming a advocate for PWA (PEOPLE WITH AIDS). In 2017, Sugarbabee Records partnered with Roosevelt Walker, of Daquiritos Express as a top sponsor produced its first concert Father's Day Concert in the Humble Civic Center, With 13 Blues, Zydeco, R n b,  and Southern soul artist from Around the world. In 2018, Sugarbabee Records partnered with Conscious Entertainment Grammy award winning writer as Assistant Director of the Music Department to bring positive inspiring music to help heal and nurture the homeless and those struggling to maintain a stable living environment for themselves and their families through the music and production of charitable concerts and festivals. (SEE CONCERTS AND FESTIVALS DATES)OUR MISSION IS TO HEAL ONE HEART AT A TIME THROUGH (THE MUSIC CAN HEAL DEPT).