Donate Jewelry to Dare to Care for the Homeless

Turn your valuables into something truly precious.

Your generous donation of an unwanted piece of Jewelry will help us provide food, clothing and hygiene products to people getting back on their feet again. Help us help others and donate jewelry that is broken, orphan earings or any items made of gold, jewelry, silver or pewter. Not sure if it is made of precious metal? No, problem, we also accpept costume jewelry. 

Please, mail your donation to:

Dare to Care for the Homeless

4508 Atlantic Ave. #186

Long Beach, California 90807

For any questions or arrangements pleasee call (562) 334-2971

Take on the Challenge

What is the Jewelry Box Challenge?

Generosity is a virtue just like patience and forgiveness. Therefore, this challenge is designed to help us grow spiritually and give to the less fortunate. 

Go to your jewelry box and look for at least one piece of jewelry you can part with and  donate to Dare To Care For The Homeless. 

Look for broken pieces, orphan earings or any piece you just no longer use.  This will hep you declutter and find what you are looking for faster. It will also help Dare to Care for the Homeless help others struggling with homelessness. 

Please, ask your friends, co-workers and family to take the jewelry box challenge.

Donations of Jewelry can be mailled to:

Dare to Care for the Homeless

4508 Atlantic Ave # 186

Long Beach California 90807

For arrangements, please call (562) 334-2971