Little Panaderos


Mission Statement

Teaching children life skills by teaching them how to bake Mexican style bread, cookies and pastries. 


Panadero in  Spanish means baker. Therefore, little panaderos translates as Little Bakers.  Our little student bakers range from the ages of 6 to 15 years of age.

Teaching Charity

The baked good our Little Panaderos make are donated to  a local women's shelter and some of the items are used as fundraising items to help buy toys for children experiencing homelessness. 

Become A Sponsor

If you work for a compoany or are the owner ov a small business please consider sponsoring our program. To recieve a free no obligation sponsorship proposel please contact us at (562) 334-2971 or you can email us at 

Mexican bread and cookies bake sale

Purchase bread and cookes from our Little Panaderos and proceed will go toward advancing our program.