Maritime Vocational Training For The Homelesss

Preparing Homeless People to Work in the Maritime Industry

 Turn your love of boats into a rewarding career. Learn the technical how to detail boats and do mechanical work on seaworthy vessels. Dare to Care for the Homeless will help you  to work in the Maritime Industry and more importantly find a job that puts these abilities to good use. Dare to Care for the Homeless is proud to introduce this new program that will allow people to become self sufficient and be able to financially support themselves and their loved ones. 

To learn about how to matriculate into the program and qualifications please contact us. 

Become a Volunteer Instructor

 If you have valuable experience working in the Maritime  industry and are of good moral character than you  can volunteer as a mentor to someone trying to escape the viscous cycle of homelessness.  

Donate Your Yacht

Put that yacht to good use by donating it to charity for a maximum tax write off and possible partial cash.

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Yacht Donation Program

Learn more about our Yacht Donation program on Tumbler.

Yacht Repair Training Courses

Learn about boat and Yacht repair and maintenance with our online courses. 

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