Charity Marketing For Realtors



 97% of brands use charity marketing but, many realtors are unsure of how to implement this method of marketing. Several top realtors have embraced charity marketing to build goodwill in the community and give back as a marketing tool. Benefits include goodwill, improving public relations, and increased brand loyalty, and financial rewards from generating new business relationships.

Trina Rufo from Nationwide in Long Beach has made a pledge to donate $500 after the closing of escrow to D2C4H (Dare to Care for the Homeless) when any of her clients mention they were referred to her by the charity. In turn D2C4H asks their supporters to use Trina Rufo if they are looking to buy or sell a property and asks them to mention the name of the charity. The charity works to promote the realtor and the realtor in turn donates money to the charity. This is an example of a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits all parties involved. The funds are then used to assist people that are not able to afford a home by teaching them about the different affordable housing programs available to them. There are many municipal and federal funds available for people experiencing homelessness and first time home buyers as well as veterans. These programs benefit people who would not otherwise be able to afford a home of their own. 

“There is a really soft place in my heart for people that do not have a place to live and I want to help them get into their own home.” Says Bell Ceballos from Remax College Park in Paramount California. She has been active as a volunteer at the shelter sorting clothes and serving food. She also has made a pledge to donate a portion of her commission to her clients that mention D2C4H that after the closing of escrow.

The practice of charity marketing – when a for profit and non-profit team up in a mutually beneficial relationship. Charity Marketing is more common than before and many consumers expect the brand they support to give back to the community they serve. A recent survey showed that 70% of consumers expect the brands they support to be charitable. Another recent survey showed that 50% of consumers a willing to pay more for a brand that is socially responsible. One of the earliest examples of a for profit teaming up with a non-profit is when in 1871 a group of railroad companies located in Cleveland donated money for the start-up of a new non-profit named The YMCA (The Young Men’s Christian Association.) The YMCA in turn helped house the railroad employees that needed a place to sleep and a place for the workers to meet after work. 

“The biggest area of potential marketing growth for realtors is in building a mutually beneficial relationship between them and community non-profits.” says charity marketing guru Jose Rodriguez.  Charity marketing is not about giving a charitable donation but rather benefiting the charity and improving your bottom line at the same time. It is simple a smart business decision that builds goodwill in the community and helps to generate new leads in a cost effective manner.

The key to a mutually beneficial charity marketing relationship is that the for profit is interested in helping the non-profit reach create social impact and the non-profit is committed to helping the for profit meet its goals. When respect and consideration is lost by either party the relationship will not be mutually beneficial. 

 Never sell your charity short by thinking they are only a place to donate money. Charities have access to volunteers, corporate media partners and a large database of potential new clients. Never try to exploit the charity and treat them just as a source for free or cheap labor. Communicate your expectations and get a clear understanding of what is expected by you in the relationship. If you are interested in receiving more information about Charity Marketing for Realtors or if you want to possible enter into a relationship that will promote the common good please contact our Director of Outreach Jose Rodriguez at: or call (562) 334-2971.​ 

"Charity marketing is affiliating yourself with a worthy cause in order to grow both professionally and personally." Jose Rodriguez 


 If you have not embraced social responsibility as a realtor, we can help you get started with these 5 tips 


1. The biggest and most popular cause is not always  the best fit for you as a realtor.  Choose a charity that is compatible with your industry and target group. 

2. Pick a charity that is aligned with your trade. The optometrist foundation works with optometrists to help people that can not afford a pair of glasses. Tom shoes gives a pair of shoes to a needy person that can not afford to buy a pair of shoes. As a realtor you can choose a charity that is specific to your industry. California Realtors Care is an example of a real estate industry specific charity. 

3. If you are in interested in Charity Marketing then you should work with a charity that is open to a mutually beneficial relationship. Not all charities will be open to these methods. Many charities just want you to donate and nothing more. 

4. Choose a credible charity that has experience in charity marketing. It can be very tricky at times and going through a learning curve with a charity can be very frustrating.  Blending profits with purpose requires a lot of creativity and is a serious business relationship. 

5. Make sure you let the end consumer know about your efforts to make this world a better place. Use press releases, social media and traditional adds to let people know about your philanthropic involvement.  By letting other people know about your charity work you will give them an opportunity to get involved and inspire others to be charitable.