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Volunteer Your Talent


This was created and donated by David Ledger.

Are you a professional artist with at least one year of experience. Would you like to lend your talent to help. raise awareness about the growing social issue of homeless? Please, volunteer your talent.

Painters can help!


Donate small pieces of art or do pro Bono work. You can also do an 80/20 arrangement and we can help you sell your artwork through our network of supporters. You keep 80% of the profits and donate 20% to charity. We turn your work into a fundraising tool for social good.

Harmony for the Homeless


People from the music industry are coming together for a charity album titled Harmony for the Homeless. Interested in helping us create a charity album. We need your help. We are also looking for musicians that would like to play music at the homeless shelter. 


 This was created and donated by David Ledger

We need more help to create artwork we can use to help promote chger.arity events such as food drives, clothing drives and hygiene product drives. Interested in Helping. Go to

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Dare to Care for the Homeless

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