Food Drive


Place a donation station at your place of business and ask your clients to help feed homeless woman and children at the woman's shelter. You keep a box like this at your place of business and promote the drive. 

Healthy Food Drive Wish List 

Cereals, Beans, Rice, Protein Bars, Spaghetti Sauce, Cream of Mushroom, Pasta, Canned Tuna, Coffee, Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Nuts, bottled water and Super Market Gift Cards.  

Seeking Event Planner Volunteers

You work with a local business to help promote a food clothing or hygiene product drive. You can use social media, printed media, PSA's and press releases to spread. 

Healthy Food Drive

Tips For a Successful Food Drive

#1, Have Fund

#2,  Set Goals for what you want to accomplish

#3.  Strive for 100% participation from your associates.

#4.  Create Incentives and create a competitive challenge.

#5 Know your global and local food hunger facts

#6,  Work on Communication via newsletter, flyers and digital media.