Board Members


William Guttierez


Alberto Rivera

Virginia Garcia Ovejero Pivik

Virginia Garcia Pivik, Communications Consultant/ Media personality- Seasoned communications consultant and broadcaster with over 20 years of radio and TV experience. She became an EMMY nominee of the National Academy of Television and Arts in 2005 for her job as news producer. As a communications consultant and campaign producer, she won “Best Community Service campaign” in 2015 for a spot she produced in conjunction with Telemundo for 9Health Fair. Since her days in radio and TV, Virginia has developed a passion for educating and engaging communities by working face-to-face with a vast array of community leaders and members. She also believes in utilizing existing marketing channels to increase exposure of health programs in the community. Learn more about Virginia Garcia here 

Stacy Brecht

Stacy Brecht is the president of the LA-based public relations firm, Carder Brecht Communications (CBC), and she has more than 10 years of experience providing public relations and marketing for national and international clients in a variety of industries. Brecht has completed public relations, branding, website design and development, online marketing and business development for civil and structural engineers, entertainment brands, mobile app companies, nonprofits, fashion designers, interior design companies and authors, and her writing has been published on CBS, Time Warner, LA Weekly, and the international publication, Top Agent Magazine. 

 In addition to owning and operating CBC, Brecht is an adjunct business management instructor at the University of La Verne. To learn more about her and her business, please visit  

Lara Piu

 Lara Piu is a features, strategic marketing, and PR writer and aspiring author with 20 years experience in marketing and PR, and ten years experience in journalism. Through her company, Inner Glow Communications, she provides strategic counsel and composition of business proposals, go to market proposals, strategic marketing plans, grant proposals, press releases, FAQs, pitches, fact sheets, media alerts and other press materials, print, radio, email, social media advertising copy, social media campaigns and posts, SEO, blog content and blog teasers, headlines, broadcast segments, market reports, whitepapers, info-graphics, websites, video scripts, and more. Connect with her on LinkedIn at: 

Advisory Board Members

Justin "JTIME" ​Pro Bono Music Producer/ Audio Engineer/ Song Writer

Justin got his start while in middle school, playing in the school band, learning to read music which then led to learning music theory and song composition. It was then only natural for Justin to experiment with beat making using a keyboard and  a mpc. One could imagine taking over the world with just these two weapons of choice. Justin then started college in 2005 and graduated in two years with a bachelors in entertainment business and an associates in recording arts from Full Sail Unviversity.  With Justin's education and with placements in radio spots, xbox 360 shows " HIP HOP 360"- it is clear to see , "JTIME" was made for this industry. 

Jess W. Gibson, Ph.D., MSC

 Dr. Jess W. Gibson has over 20 years of teaching, mentoring, and coaching experience.  As a psychology professor, he won the “Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award.”  He has worked as a professional researcher and currently consults with recovery centers as a lead outcome and research manager.  His work as a professional coach has helped people overcome obstacles to success in all areas of their lives.  He has worked for numerous universities and colleges as both a professor and researcher.  A native to Long Beach, he worked as a teacher with LBUSD for 9 years.  Dr. Gibson has a Ph.D. and Master's in Psychology focusing on human motivation, change, learning, and research.  An avid writer, speaker, and trainer, he is always looking to bring his skills to the next challenge. 

Linda Hollander

 Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. Magazine as the leading expert on corporate sponsorship. She is the author of Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps, the CEO of Sponsor Concierge and the founder of the Sponsor Secrets Seminar on October 3-5, 2017 in Los Angeles.
Her sponsors include Microsoft, Fed Ex, Staples, Epson, Bank of America, Marriott, Health Net, Wal Mart and IBM. 

Jessica McConnell First

Biography soon to be added

Markus Biegel

 A seasoned management consultant and entrepreneur of 10 years, Markus Biegel has provided his expertise to hundreds of CEOs and business owners across the United States, Europe, South America and Asia, in a diverse range of industries spanning from technology to fashion. Currently the senior vice president of business development at Allied Protection Services, Biegel is responsible for securing and managing partnership opportunities, providing security guard services to large-scale national construction firms and U.S. government agencies.  

Stephen Bord


Pro Bono Song Writer

Stephen Bordl is a performer, songwriter, guitar player and engineer/producer with 40+ years of professional industry experience. Currently performing and songwriting, Stephen is placing songs with local artists, writing songs for independent movies as well as work as an independent engineer / producer. Specializing in well crafted Rock-Pop songs with solid memorable choruses, interesting story based verses and solidly formed bridges. 

Ruby Biloskirka-Conley

 With an extensive background in the music and touring industry as a keyboard player (American Idol, The Voice, Nickelodeon), Ruby has has the opportunity to lead and develop countless emerging artists and bands.  After spending multiple years playing piano on she transitioned to the corporate side of the industry, bringing a valuable rolodex to Roland Corporation as Social Media and then Artist Relations & Marketing Manager and now into the Advertising world. "I really love working with a group of people who all have different strengths and weaknesses, but share a common goal and vision. It is my job, wether on stage in front of thousands or in a boardroom with 4 people, to provide everyone with the tools, platform, and support to perform at their very best". Ruby is an active member of the Junior League of San Francisco and Step Up of Los Angeles, which both focus on developing the potential of women, and improving communities through education and leadership. She is honored to serve on the advisory board of Dare To Care For The Homeless and hopes to continue to make an impact through this organization. 

Milliea Taylor McKinney

 Deemed The Wordsmith Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished International award winning songwriter, and music professional. Her experience has earned her the highest of regard, and respect in the music industry. Her skill as taught her to focus, and target on her objectives in all areas, and facets that creates a mainstream of attention on the client and area of her promotion. In doing so she has developed the reputation of being a music industry guru. Hailing from Northern Kentucky, as a former educator, in the earlier stage of her adult life Milliea, fell in love with the music industry. Under the greatest tutelage in the business of music she was mentored while her talent was being developed to set out on her own. Getting her first break as a ‘ghost​’ songwriter, for Brandon Hills Music, & Jandar Records from her now very good friend Marsha Brown CEO, of the Publishing & Record Companies. Writing, and auditioning songs for the legends & “superstars” in country music.  

To Learn More about Millea Taylor Mckinney click here.


 CEO SUGARBABEE RECORDS, 2004 to present. Born February 8, 1970 in Houston Texas mother, wife,grandmother and  mogul of record label who produces and manages new and  upcoming R n B,  gospel, rap, bollywood,  zydeco music artist, in which she paved the way for the Sugarbabee Mgmt and production Annual Concerts. Before her career as President and CEO of her own company Brenda attended Rice university for two years  and worked for Houston Independent. School district juvenile Probation at Alternative center and also for the Children protective services, CYS DEPT. She served several years with the HPD DCI dept. And rescue youth through Music and DARE PROGRAM. 

 In 1997, She started her music journey in the ZYDECO Dance performance Genre, which catered to the Louisiana styled music which led her  to become a member of the Prairieview University trailrider association whereas she assisted in promoting of HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO CONCERT roster committee and the Brunos Triangle 7  To Learn more about Brenda B. Simmons Click here.

Izabela Bulska

Izabela Bulska is a Digital Product Designer based in LA. She has vast experience in designing user interfaces, as well as in user research, usability testing, wire-framing and prototyping. As a UI/UX designer she is passionate about problem solving. Identifying and understanding the problem  conducting user research and really getting to know the target audience is a crucial step her UI/UX design process. Her background in teaching enhanced her understanding and compassion for the user. A proper research and testing is needed to ensure best quality and usability of the product. Her goal is to create beautiful interfaces that are engaging, intuitive and functional.   

Jeanna Isham


Jeanna Isham, president and founder of Dreamr Productions, is a composer and sonic brander.  She has worked both directly and indirectly with such companies as Jim Henson Productions, the Sprouts Network, Sixteen South TV, Inkless, Stage Ham and Barber Pole Films.  Her music can be heard internationally on such networks as NBC, OWN, and the Discovery Channel.  

Currently she is producing content for both traditional and new media platforms for both  companies and filmmakers.

David Navarro

David E. Navarro is an author, poet, editor, publisher, speaker, and life coach who lives and works in the Los Angeles area. He is also a Sr Analyst and Tech Editor/Writer in the banking industry. He is the Founder of NavWorks Press, an independent press that provides freelance corporate and business writing services as well as fiction and non-fiction writing and publishing services. He attended Purdue University, Indiana where he majored in English and literature. He has degrees in Communications and Theology. He was first published in the winter of 1980 in the Purdue Exponent, Literary Edition. He served ten years in the U.S. Air Force and has worked in the writing and editing field for over thirty-five years writing and editing policy and procedures manuals, training programs, operating instructions, fiction and non-fiction articles and books, publishing  poetry, quality of life articles, and essays in various magazines and journals. He currently has five books in print and his work appears in other anthologies as well. 

To learn more about the corporate, business, and literary services that NavWorks Press provides, please click here:

Jessica Dupree

 Jessica Dupree is an entrepreneur with a finished book, a travel blog, and a passion for freelance art and writing. She has designed logos for various nonprofits as well as had her content published on various company websites. She is passionate about giving back and thinks that compassion is key and faith, hope, and love can go a long way. Connect with her on her LinkedIn account,

Tom Spano

 Since 2003, Tom Spano has been creating unforgettable moments for some of the biggest brands in the world. With Yahoo!, Twitter, Domino's Pizza, The NFL, and many more, Tom has been weaving his knowledge of social, experiential, and digital platforms and technologies into the fabric of the B2B and B2C experience. His work has touched 4 continents and over 20 countries. He is a passionate story-teller, both on stage and off, and brings a spark of creative energy to everything he touches.  

Sally Clawson

Sally Clawson is an award-winning voiceover performer, who has worked with Old Navy, Yoplait, Clorox, Toyota, Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Telltale Games, Lucas Films and Pixar. Her talent also spans across the silver screen with her many films premiering at the San Francisco Film Festival, The Opera Plaza, The Lumiere and On-Demand with Amazon Prime. Ms Clawson also works as a live emcee at events for Salesforce, Mova Contour, Applied Materials and Google. Her vast experience has led to her recent work as a corporate speech coach with clients that include Anaplan, Affymax, Onyx, Roche and Genentech, where she has coached CEOs, CMOs, executives, sales reps, and cancer survivors. 

Sandra & Antonio Tinajero

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Beth Kemp

 Learn more about Beth Kemp at 


Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Board members are stewards of Dare to Care for the Homeless and this includes fundraising.


 Duty of care

Board members are expected to actively participate in organizational planning and decision-making and to make sound and informed judgments.

Duty of loyalty

When acting on behalf of the organization, board members must put the interests of the nonprofit before any personal or professional concerns and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Duty of obedience

Board members must ensure that the organization complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and that it remains committed to its established mission.